Internal Memos

I always watch for notable examples of internal asynchronous communications, including leadership Memos.

Windows Startup sound

I am old enough to remember hacking PC Speaker sounds to get louder midi music out of my then gaming setup, times before any dedicated sound cards such as Sound Blaser.

Pit Stop

I sometimes refer to my current platform team using pit stop visual metaphors in our internal communication. Speedy, clean, organized…the truth is that sometimes it looks more like this.


Country I was born in and live my life, as presented from Formula 1 cockpit.

Finding Microsoft’s next default font

Writing is thinking and form matters. One of the reasons I use Medium is its focus on content and great typography. At the same time, what bothers me with email is ugly formatting and typography. Excited to see Microsoft Design focusing on new default font, and I hold all fingers crossed for multi-platform world-wide-web compatibility.

🖖Team Bierstadt here.

Beyond Calibri: Finding Microsoft’s next default font

Touchscreen UI

It’s fascinating how long it takes to convince us this is a good idea.

How to Deal with Difficult People

The Executive Assistant, The Blueprinter and Hostage taker walks into a bar…

The following list of 48 archetypes attempts to describe the most common types of difficult people found on software projects.

Keyboard History

Thoughtful analysis of one bug led the team to examine full history of keyboards layout.

Peter Zalman

I am crafting great ideas into working products and striving for balance between Design, Product and Engineering #UX. Views are my own.

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